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First thing’s first. What is Avensure anyway?

Learn More about Avensure through Avensure Complaints and Praises


They describe themselves as an outsourced and award-winning Employment Law, HR, and Health & Safety Company. They're the service you hire in order to make sure that your company is compliant with UK Law before you're taken down by the government for penalties and whatnot. In regards to Avensure complaints, the customers don't like the customer service, pressure selling, and products not being described accurately. Their HR advice isn't 24/7 like they claim, leading to monetary loss. Are all these complaints true? Not necessarily. Many people are satisfied with Avensure's HR solutions and recommendations. There are just times when the volume of calls and overeager agents might give other clients the wrong impression.

The Pros and Cons of Avensure


  • Outlandish Claims versus Effective Services: Dissatisfied customers of Avensure warn that they use pressure selling tactics to get you to sign up for the 5 years package of their HR advice service while satisfied customers counter that the upsell suggestion isn't that bad, it's fully optional, and the non-package service is more than serviceable. What's more, unlike what others might claim, they do deliver 24/7 customer service for all employee needs.


  • Some People Were Quick to Judge: Some persons and companies were quick to judge and ask for a refund while others who stuck around were able to get the full potential of the Avensure package. The company can take care of things like your contracts to make sure that they're all up-and-up and all employee handbooks so that you won't be forced to make fresh hires write such things for you. It's the company you can depend on in order to ensure professionalism.


  • Quick and Efficient: The positive and negative reviews are almost like night and day. Who's telling the truth? Perhaps it's something in between the two extremes. While complainers complained that Avensure was slow to act and took long to get to the needs of their employees, officers, or customers, the positive reviews paint a different story, saying that their experience was ultimately quick and efficient.