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The ABCs When It Comes to Painting Contractor Virginia Beach VA

When looking for painting contractors, you should go for ones who are fully insured. When getting referrals for painting contractors from your loved ones and close acquaintances, keep in mind that your relatives or friends might not care about contractor insurance; regardless, insurance is a worthwhile thing to get since it's better to be safe than to be sorry. Painting contractor Virginia Beach VA offerings that are fully insured shouldn't simply have a liability insurance policy that any person or company can acquire for a hundred bucks annually. You should instead support contractors that carry workers' compensation insurance as well. This type of insurance is actually required by law for contractors that are companies with more than one employee, in fact. With insurance, any accident will be compensated for.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Contractor Shopping

A Lead Referral Service: What do you usually end up when availing of a referral service for painters? There's a potential that you might end up with the least qualified of contractors compared to you taking the research and referrals in your own hands. This is usually because the more people depend on these referral services, the more painters they refer, so there are fewer good painters they can refer people to so they might end up referring Grade B or Grade D painters to fill up their quotas The ABCs When It Comes to Painting Contractor Virginia Beach VA.

The Best of the Best: It's hard for referral services to get quality referrals to their loads of customers for the top one percent of painters. This is especially true if they have loads of customers. There will be times when they'll have to refer their multitude of customers to painters who are less than satisfactory because the actually good painters are busy. The better you are as a painter, the more customers you'll get.

 Screening Isn't a Thing with Referrals: It's better to get referrals from friends and family than from a service you have to pay because they don't do screening. Not because they won't but instead because they can't. Caveat emptor: Buyer beware every time. These contractor referral services claim to screen painters but they cannot. They're not necessarily negligent but they cannot really promise and deliver the best painters every time according to demand.