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To give you information, Farming Simulator series has a new one.

FS 19 : The Expectations for a Better Farming Experience

When you look forward to a game, you tend to request their improvements and all. This is where the other version or the latest one of a game is released. It is to fulfill the improvements that players wanted for their gaming experience.


New Release

It is called the Farming Simulator 19. This game is said to be released on November 20, 2018. FS 19 is known to be a game that could live up to its expectations. This game has a lot of improvements that could make the player happy.


Farming Simulator 19 features

There are things that should be expected with this FS 19 release. Farming Simulator is known to be playable with 6 to 16 players. They will finish tasks and make their own farm. What is expected and needed to be in the soon-to-release version is going to make the game better for sure.

  • Weeds and Pests

These make up the whole farming exciting. You need to battle out weeds that could damage your crops. Like in the real farm, you are going to use sprays or any method to keep them out.


  • Seasons and Weather

Most of the time, crops rely on the weather. You cannot plant something that is for rain in a summer season. This will make the gameplay a little more realistic like what you are doing in farms and barns in real life.

  • Terrains should be realistic enough

Since it is a farm, planting crops will be the main task. The terrain that you have your farm should be realistic. With the terrain being realistic, you might feel like you are actually on a real farm. The virtual farming game would be exciting as it might look real to the players.