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What is a reverse lookup directory?

Reverse License Plate Search or Lookup - What Is It?


The reverse lookup service or directory is used to find information related to the license plate of a vehicle. It functions like a search engine except that in this case the searches are now based on the license plate number instead of the normal queries.

What is the meaning of the word “reverse” in the search?

In this license plate search or lookup directory, the collection refers to a license plate number that is associated to the owner of the vehicle. Other details that are searchable are his address, contact numbers, license of the individual. That is why the “reverse” term is included because the original database uses the name of an individual to get the plate number of his vehicle. In this case you are doing the reverse procedure making the search starting from the license plate to the owner thereby giving way to the term reverse license plate search.

For whom is the directory for?

This directory is available for the use of law enforcers, emergency services and private investigators. This may include public services and private accessible services. Since the availability of this feature is still not fully known by many, the usual procedure being done by those who may want to search for the identity of the car owner is by hiring a private investigator.

How is the search done?

The online reverse license plate search or lookup is easy as well as quick if there is an internet connection. All it needs is to put in the license plate number in the search box and click the search button. In a few seconds to a minute if the license plate matches with a record, it can immediately give out the result of the name of the car owner and other initial data. You can then print the result of your search and do what’s best about the information.


Conducting a reverse license plate search will prove to be helpful for legitimate claims and vital information use to give individuals enough information related to the plate number.