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We provide you a list and the gist of some games that can really kill your time

Games That Guarantee Complete Entertainment


Games were once played by buying compact disks and cassettes. Today the number has increased manifold and unless recommended by someone, we may end up playing a boring game.

  • Mini Militia:

Mini militia was a great sensation when it was introduced in the mobile stores. You can create your own avatar by choosing the types of clothes, hairstyle and a name that can instill fear, once you are set with the game. It contains a lot of locations like outpost, catacombs etcetera. We can either play it online or connect with our friends’ hotspot and start gaming. This game is one of the best shooting games ever produced with variety of guns and bombs. Simple yet addictive.

  • PUBG:
  • When people were finally tired and kept their mobile down, this game provided them another level of entertainment.
  • In fact, this game has retained its excitement till now, which gamers had at the beginning. It can provide you an army soldier like feel with variety of guns and armories.
  • The game rewards you with “winner winner chicken dinner” and atleast one of the members in our friends or family circle might have come across this as a social media status.


  • Dragon ball legends:

Recent success of this anime series “Dragon Ball Super” has proved the popularity it still holds among people. This dragon ball game allows you to choose your own characters, build their special abilities and fight. If playing in landscape mode is not possible at times, don’t worry, this game offers portrait mode too.



  • Flash games:

Flash games, like the one in daftar 123,are games with low-end graphics and best suitable for allowing your kids to play. It contains many games and never tires you out.