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Few points about recording studio

A small, personal recording studio is also called as a project studio or a home studio.

These studios often provide specific needs of an individual artist or they are used as their hobby. The first project was came during 1980’s with the affordable multitrack, recorders, synthesizers, microphones etc . The price of the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) equipment and the other accessories were reduces. And the hard disk recording products were inexpensive.  Recording drums and electric guitar in a home studio is a challenging task as they are usually the loudest instrument. Having an authentic electric guitar amp sound including power-tube distortion. Conventional drums required sound proofing in this scenario.

A professional recording studio has a control rooms large live room for recording an orchestra, and one small isolation booths. Each room has sound proof like layered with double walls with dead space and insulated in-between the two walls, forming a room within a room.

Studio -  A recording booth is a standard small room in recording studio, which is sound, proofed to keep out an external sounds and internal sound inside. A drummer vocalist, guitar along with the microphones is acoustically isolated in the room.

Control room-  It’s a room where sound engineer controls the recording sessions; the room is adjacent to the main studios and separated from them by a sound proof glass windows. It is important to ensure that what is heard through the monitors, which is not being affected by the elements from within the room itself. Creating an accurate recording and listening, the environment is very much important.

Live room-  Live room is also called as recording room. These rooms have closed space acoustically treated according to the studio needs in order to record the specific sound or an instrument like electric guitar or best acoustic guitar.


The recordings are done using some equipment like, console, recorder, analogue tape digital recorder, dynamic processor patch bays and many more.