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Terry Tognazzini, the owner of Crowne Plaza Hotel

Why Crowne Plaza Hotel?


Crowne Plaza hotel is a one of the best hotels that is located in Dallas, they offer high quality service that attracts tourist and businessmen alike. Crowne Plaza is known for their offer of complete service for the affordable price. Their rates are affordable and have past customers going back for their service for such an affordable rate. This hotel is also best for all your event needs. If you are looking for accommodation for the guests of your even then Crowne Plaza is for you, they offer group suites for all group sizes.

What does Crowne Plaza Hotel offers?

  • Abundance of power and sockets – never worry of your battery dying or having to search for power sockets. All the power sockets that are located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel are conveniently placed so you will be access power anywhere.
  • Equipment for Fitness and Wellness – this hotel offers fitness amenities and facilities. This allows you to not go out of your exercising routine, the hotel are installed with this facilities so you can stay active and stay on the schedule of your training regimen.
  • Quality Sleep – you will never have a sleepless night here in Crowne Plaza Hotel. Their beddings and comforters are so comfortable that you will have a comfortable sleep no question. Premium beddings is installed at every room and you can even schedule a wake-up call for a better night’s sleep.
  • There are Quiet Zones – there are dedicated areas that are to be kept quiet in Crowne Plaza Hotel. For your convenience, for your quiet time and for good night’s sleep Crowne Plaza Hotel has areas wherein the noise must be keep minimum.

Who owns the Crowne Plaza Hotel?

Crowne Plaza Hotel is a member of the Crowne Plaza family therefore it is operated and leased by InterContinental Hotel Groups, however the owner of the Crown Plaza Hotel that is located in downtown Dallas is Terry Tognazzini.