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Can memory improve through nootropedia?

Human memory is an important part of a function of the brain where it stores the information gathered.

It is also important for experiences, retention of the information where it can be used in later actions.

Just like a computer, in order to function, it has a good memory to be able to store, interpret and use the data. In a human body, the brain is an important or vital organ where it stores and provides the information that is needed. There are ways how the brain process memory, which includes encoding, storage, and retrieval. There are times that memory cannot be remembered and some would result in poor memory. There are ways on how to improve and one is the nootropedia. This is where it provides online information and uses of certain alternate or smart drugs. To enhance memory, there are called nootropics that are used. Examples are choline bitartrate and soy lecithin, these are a few to help in enhancing memory. Aside from an alternate way, there are different methods or ways that can be used to help boost the memory.

  • Meditate

Working memory is what we used every day of our life to be able to make our daily task. Doing meditation can help in strengthening the memory.

  • Less alcohol drinking

Too much alcohol consumption can trigger in mental detrimental. It is said alcohol has a neurotoxic effect on the brain.

  • Do more exercise

Regular exercise can help in decreasing the risk of dementia

  • Sleep more

Sleeping properly helps in memory consolidation. Getting enough sleep help in recalling the memory, not enough sleep will result in unable to recall and becoming unfocus.

  • Train your brain

Playing memory or brain games helps in boosting memory. Exercising the cognitive skills by playing crossword puzzles and other recalling game is an example.


Our brain is an important organ of our body and improving the memory aspect would help to recall and used this in everyday life. There are ways to boost it and aside from the medical way, there are games, food or exercises that provide the betterment of individual memory.