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Offered then were viewing of the Gray Whales

Experience up close and personal: The Dolphin and Whale Watching Tenerife


Whale and Dolphin Watching is a great adventure that is even more exciting and educational as you get involved with these species in the waters up close and personal. Whale watching first began in the 1950s in San Diego through the Carbillo National Monument.  After its introduction many area tried to imitate as more locations were considered great spots for the different species. That is why aquariums however big cannot compare with seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural environment, swimming the ocean waters showing that they truly own the place.

There are many places in the world where you can get this thrilling experience but one area that has been flocked by tourist is the whale watching tenerife. This is in the area near Morocco and it has so much to offer on top of the exciting whale and dolphin watching.

What are the other attractions Tenerife offers to its tourists?

1.       Jet Skiing- for the active individuals, this holiday is not complete without experiencing jet skiing with choices of 40 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hour of pure fun.

  1. Parascending – enjoy the view way up high as you fly over the Atlantic Ocean while feeling the ocean breeze on your face.
  2. Fly boarding – this newest craze is only found in fantasy movie, yet you can experience this firsthand.
  3. Crazy UFO – a great ride with intense experience bringing courage and bravery to the riders

Last Thoughts

The marine life of Tenerife provides abundant species with some rare ones that only in this area can be found. But the dolphin and whale are the great attractions which can be embraced through a boat trip around the area. That’s experiencing nature and marine life as you have never done before up close and personal.