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Win friends by Playing Poker online

Since social media has become part of our social world, different dating games and friend-meeting apps have been created.

It is the fastest way to widen the circle of your friendly world. It could also be considered as the highest tech form of developing the relationship with people from the other parts of the world.

This social status can also be developed while playing online poker. By registering to AGEN POKER QQ ONLINE INDONESIA you can play alongside people or gamer who is at the other part of the world. A simple chat with you people you play against could be a start of something special. We have to view this online poker, not just as a way of gambling or betting or battle, we could also consider this as a platform to win some friends. A player may not win all the battles. But winning other people's trust and confidence is sure a great prize to take home. Anyone can widen his horizon of friends if he knows how to play it right.

  • Play the game with full honesty – it is accepting the defeat despite the pain it may incur to a competitive player. By being honest, you can easily win the respect of your fellow gamers. It is easier to accept someone who is honest than a person who keeps arguing every after the defeat.
  • Accept the reality that not all games can be won – so, instead of pulling yourself downwards due to the defeat; accept that some players are better than you. Engage a friendly conversation and start from there.

It is good to play online poker. The feeling, the intensity, the adrenaline rush, and the excitement compared to an actual game is the same. You can experience these emotions while you are inside your house. The difference is that your opponents sit elsewhere. But this does not mean you can't befriend them. Online poker can also be a way to meet friends. You enjoy the game, you win some more friends.