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Jr. Handling

Junior Handling

~ Bethany ~
Our daughter Bethany began her junior handling at age 6. By age 7, the judges were amazed to see her showing shepherds! Bethany has shown a broad scope of breeds. At age 12 she won Reserve Best Overall in the Ontario North Zone Finals - over 17 year old juniors. Today at age 19 Bethany is a professional handler and has her own clients. She continues to train and show all of our Questbest Shepherds.

Bethany, age 7, with "Rainbow"

Age 11, with "Chickee"

Reserve Best Overall zone finals. Age 12 with "Rosie"

Age 13 with her whippet "Jason"

Last day as a junior, winning Best Overall with "Tanquer"

Age 17

Age 16 with "Holly"
Bethany and Holly were a dynamic duo - Holly will always be lovingly
remembered and forever missed at the end of Bethany's lead...
~ Jesse ~
Our Grandson, Jesse, is now 7 years old and has been having fun in juniors since the age of four. Being the newest member of the Questbest team he's helping with feeding and watering (always the watering), socializing the puppies, as well as being the "gofer" when Grandma and Papa are whelping a litter. As he continues his handling endeavors watch for him "high-fivin" the judges!

Jesse, age 6 ~ added Jan 9/09

Jesse with "Fero" & "Reason" ~ added Jan 9/09

Jesse, age 4, our Pee Wee handler with "Jason"